Helping you build effective, well-crafted multimedia

Interrobang provides strategic consulting, creative services, and skilled production to clients in North Carolina's Triangle area and beyond. Our clients include multimedia shops, creative agencies, software companies, and in-house producers. We want to be your preferred partner, and we think we've got what it takes:

Years of Experience

The most compelling presentation won't work for you if it's difficult for your audience to set up and use. Cryptic icons, font problems, I/O bottlenecks, cross-platform differences, display gamma--all of these have crippled beautiful multimedia projects. To be effective, your project must be a robust piece of software.

Our years of experience can make the difference between a rousing success and a tragic bugfest.

  • We understand user-friendly design. We've developed comfortable, intuitive user interfaces for commercial applications as well as multimedia presentations.
  • Our design sense is tempered by engineering realities. (Of course, we also know a few tricks to squeeze extra performance out of an old '386!)
  • We have lots of experience designing for the computer screen, so your graphics will always be clear, smooth, and legible.


Maximum Value

Your plans for digital media will outlive any single project. We can help you build a foundation for lasting value. A few examples:

  • Ask us about asset management strategies that will protect all of your media investments, and give you the freedom to recast your message in many different forms
  • We can build custom authoring tools that do only what you need, and train your staff to use them
  • We'll help you design a corporate or product identity suitable for all media, from video to fax to the web
  • We can provide a style guide of colors and typefaces that will display correctly on all PCs, even old ones


From Concept to Production

We have built a reputation for craft and expertise in several areas of digital media:
  • advanced multimedia development and object-oriented programming
  • in-depth installer scripting, to support "auto-play" features, multiple installable packages, integrated setup of supporting technologies (eg. ActiveX, QuickTime), and full access to the Windows Registry
  • interface design and screen graphics (icons, button bars, splash screens, etc)
  • traditional sketching and storyboarding
  • digital illustration and photo-montage
  • automated asset grooming (palette optimization, video compression, and batch processing)
  • clear technical documentation skills and copy-writing


Sharing Skills and Knowledge

Multimedia authoring is a craft with many facets to it, and keeping up with new tools and techniques is a full-time job. Nonetheless, we've helped some clients to be largely self-sufficient by providing the right tools and knowledge.

Here are a few of the ways we can work with you to build in-house expertise:

  • provide just-in-time, just-what-you-need training
  • help you to install and configure new tools
  • streamline your development process with application scripting and batch-processing
  • develop style guides and templates for consistent, high-quality results


From Your Perspective

We understand the hassles of working with an outside firm, and we've learned how to work smoothly with any client:

  • We'll take the time to learn about your business and industry, to get to know your audience and your message
  • We'll provide many points of contact for your convenience (including email, cellular, voice-mail, and a private web-space)
  • We're a registered corporation, so you'll never need to worry about payroll-tax headaches

We'll do everything we can to streamline our partnership, starting with this handy way for you to say hi.

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